About Me

So you found my about page or I sent you to read it before contacting me, either way… WELCOME!

Here you will find information about me and my hobbies, my life and more about me.

About Me

  • Full name is Jennifer Ann Basham
  • My birthday is August 18, 1978 and no I don’t care that people know how old I am.
  • Asexual, Homoromantic, Sensual, Kitten, Little, Submissive, Pet, (Trans)Woman
  • Yes, I am transgender. No I do not hide that fact. No I will not stand for your rude comments or anything.
  • Spiritual but no affiliation with any one religion. I like aspects from several.
  • Been dealing with computers since early 1995 and consoles since way before then.
  • Gaming had once dominated my life as an escape from reality. Lately, they have not been a big part of my life.
  • Favorite game is Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. I have over 3000 hours played on Steam, mostly cause I mod the hell out of it. I use mods and create mods. Some never get to be seen by others cause I feel they are not my best quality.

My Tech

  • Custom Built Windows 10 Desktop - Neko
  • Custom Built Windows 10 Desktop - Koneko
  • Asus X54C Laptop - Kitsune
  • Samsung Note 4 Phone
  • Samsung Tab 4 7.0 Tablet

My Interests

  • Computers
  • Internet
  • Information Security
  • Programming
  • Anime
  • Catgirls
  • Learning (Constantly learning!)
  • Music (So many to list, I like variety)

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