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JennyKitten78 Community is an online gaming community. We play competitively and casually in a number of games. Our community fosters ambition, acceptance, and camaraderie among the community.

This is a game space. Games are many things to different people. They can be stories and adventures; they can be meaningless or profound. Games have the power to make you ask questions and can force you to see the world through a different lens, if only for a little while. They are an outlet for experimentation and socialization. It should be implicit that content in this group may be triggering at times. If that’s something that doesn’t sit well with you, proceed no further; there are plenty of groups that offer something closer to a safe space.

Post a little bit about yourself in #introductions, join in a game in #gaming, post a selfie in #selfies.

Just have fun! GLHF, everyone. See you in-game!


1) Treat each other and server staff with respect.

2) No sexism, racism, classism, ect.. No bigotry of any kind.

3) Keep discussions to their respective channels.
a) This is only enforced if casual chat about a topic evolves into a serious discussion that dominates the channel.
b) Any chat that may be inappropriate for minors should be taken to #nsfw .

4) Harassment and hate speech will not be tolerated.

5) Do not spam text chat or disrupt voice chat.

6) Do not invite bots or use bot scripts. Only staff regulated server bots are allowed.

7) If you have an issue with a user, please inform a mod via pm.

8) If you have an issue with a staff member, please inform an admin via pm for review.

9) Advertisements of any kind are not permitted. This includes through pm, voice, or mentions. a) Within reason, the exception to this rule is personal things such as art galleries and Youtube channels.

10) Do not use an inappropriate or offensive name or avatar.

11) Do not post content that is illegal, obscene, disturbing, or violent.

How to Access NSFW

* Must be 18 or older (you may be asked for ID)
* Join channel #botspam
* Type .iam Over18

You now have access to NSFW. Enjoy!

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