Life Changes

Lately there has been a major shift in what interests me and what does not. I use to love games and gaming all the time, which use to be the majority of my existence. I lived to wake up and play a game, to keep my mind and the voices in my head occupied with concentrating on the game.

But here recently, this does not work and all games I play are not having the same effect that they once had on me. No longer does playing a game distract my brain and cause me to ignore the voices. Something had to change eventually right.

Well the time for change has come and I have decided to start focusing on learning more again. It seems to be the best and only way to distract myself now. So games will still be a part of my life but not anywhere close to as much as they once was.

Look for more posts in the future as I learn more and want to share what I learn with you. Who knows what I will come up with now.

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