Adult Content Moved

As you may have noticed on my drop-down navigation at the top-right, the BDSM category has been removed. I did this for two reasons. One was the fact i didn’t want adult content on this site since this will be open to the general public and will contain information on various topics which doesn’t need an adult theme. Second I wanted to have a whole site setup just for my various adult content type things.

The new address for it is and no, you will not find nudes of me or anything like that. The site will mostly be about my experiences and journey in BDSM, Pet Play and exploring my sexuality.

You must be 18 or older to view the content on the above mentioned site.

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Remove Windows 10 Upgrade Icon

If you are running Microsoft Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 and you are eligible for the free upgrade to Windows 10, then you most likely have the Windows 10 Upgrade icon in your system tray. If you do and you want to remove it, for various reasons, then I have a couple ways to do so.

The first method is to uninstall Windows update KB3035583. This update provides all the files for the Windows 10 upgrade process (Gwx.exe and needed files). Once removed restart your computer then run Windows update and hide the update to keep it from installing again.

Please Note: Editing your registry can cause problems, as such I can not be held responsible if you make a mistake or this edit doesn’t work for you. Do the following at your own risk.

The second is to edit your registry.

Open regedit and navigate to the following key:


Create a new key under Windows key and set its name as GWX

So the final key path would be:


Now select GWX key and in right-side pane create a new DWORD DisableGWX and set its value to 1

Close Registry Editor and restart your computer to take effect.

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Minecraft Servers

Me and my brother have decided to run our own Minecraft Servers

One is the main survival server and the other is our testing/development server.

Internet Connection: 150Mbps down/8Mbps up

Survival Server

  • Address:
  • Port: 25515
  • Max Players: 12
  • Version: 1.8.8
  • Operating System: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
  • CPU: 2.1GHz (dual core)
  • RAM: 4GB (2GB Dedicated to Minecraft)

Special Features:

  • Sleep System –  (Allows one person to sleep in a bed to change it to daytime)
  • Death Counter – (Press TAB to see a number next to your name, that is your deaths)
  • More coming soon…. (Send me your ideas for more)

Development Server

  • Address:
  • Port: 25565
  • Max Players: 12
  • Version: 1.8.8
  • Operating System: Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
  • CPU: 2.4GHz (dual core)
  • RAM: 4GB (2GB Dedicated to Minecraft)

You will need to contact me to be added to the access list.

Servers can and will be unavailable at times, we can not guarantee 24/7 access.

Server Admins are ONLY jennykitten78 and kuddster



  • Updated servers to version 1.8.8


  • Fixed Command Block sleep system.
  • Fixed spawn chunks location for welcome area.


  • Changed server software from Vanilla to Spigot/CraftBukkit.


  • Servers went live with the new setup.

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Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS – My Tweaks

Mainly this post is here to keep a record of the small changes I usually need to make to setup the server on my laptops.

First, need to add the wireless card to the network interfaces so we edit /etc/network/interfaces to make it look something like below:

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
wpa-ssid <your_router>
wpa-psk <your_wpa_key>

Next, need to set it up so that it doesn’t sleep/hibernate when you close the lid of the laptop. So need to edit /etc/systemd/logind.conf and change the following line to:


That’s about all.

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